SDCC 2015 Limited Edition ARTFX+ Deadpool “Chimichanga”!!!


Hey everyone, it’s Agent Leu! 

Guess what time it is! It’s ADVENTURE TI- I mean it’s time to reveal the second SDCC exclusive!!!

Yes yes, you’ve probably already seen this on Koto Inc.’s Facebook and on the Kikaku Guy Japanese Blog, but Agent Leu’s version is better!!!

Without ado, SDCC 2015 Exclusive number two is…


We can never have enough Deadpool! 

Onmonmonmonmon*insert something ass kicking*nomnomnom… Deadpool munches on chimichanga as he prepares to take out his sword at his opponent! (Who’s probably trying to steal his food)

11095662_1131852056831189_8587278369852194112_nHeadpool comes with a clear display stand so you don’t have to shove it in your desk drawer or find a place to store it because come on, a piece of head? That’s creepy. Okay, just kidding, it’s freaking AWESOME!O(≧▽≦)O IT FLOATS!!! 

Here are more pictures of this amazing exclusive!!!

From the front!10919057_1131852110164517_6967825361636483487_n

From the side! (Kind of looks like Headpool is trying to steal Deadpool’s chimichanga from this angle)988561_1131852086831186_4607642547207005309_n

From the other side! (Now that jus looks like Deadpool has a face coming out of his chest)21010_1131852173497844_8838938752047881503_n

From the Back!10898232_1131852240164504_3796624165872726899_n

From the front again! Wait, what? I hope Deadpool isn’t planning on eating Headpool for dessert! O_O 13290_1131852070164521_3723272772175560131_n

Aaaaaaaand11430168_1131852176831177_1009026126857639747_nTortilla base! Plese refrain yourself from eating the base. It is not edible. 

And now I’m hungry… another hour until lunch (ノД`)・゜・。

… I think I will go get burrito for lunch (GASP NOT CHIMICHANGA?!).


Agent Leu, who has never had chimichanga out!


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