SDCC 2015 Limited Edition ARTFX+ Alfred Pennyworth!!!


Hey everyone! It’s Agent Leu again!

Today is the day we reveal our FIRST exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2015!!!

Our first exclusive is… *drumroll*

ARTFX+ Alfred Pennyworth!!!


Finally!!! The most recognizable super butler gets his own ARTFX+!

Having been both an actor and a soldier, and later having worked for MI-5, Alfred holds a wide range of skills and knowledge which proved useful as he raised the young Bruce Wayne. One of Bruce Wayne’s most important family figure, Alfred should definitely be a part of your bat family collection! 


Alfred is seen in his classic butler uniform, holding a tray elegantly with a teapot and cup, and ready to attend to any guest.


Although Alfred does not come with a black square base like previous ARTFX+ statues, a white foot piece is included for those who do not own any previous ARTFX+ statues. There are magnets attached to the bottom of his feet just for extra stability like any other ARTFX+ statue.


Who else will make tea for your heroic statues?!


More information on Pre-Orders for Japan will be announced soon! Please check our blog for upcoming information!

Pre-Orders for non-attendees in America begin on Friday 6/12 at 10AM PST (please visit for more information!)


Don’t forget to check out our blog update later today at 18:00 (Japan Time)!!!



Agent Leu, out and about!


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