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Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re reading this, then it means you survived Black Friday. Congratulations! (☆`・ω・´)b


Anyhow, if you’ve been checking out our blog and latest news on the main webpage,

then you most likely heard about Jim Lee visiting Kotobukiya in Akihabara!

For those of you who couldn’t come, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 


Let’s start off with a little bit of history…

(psst, just skip down to the photos if you don’t want a history lesson)


Long long time ago (two years ago actually) when we just released our ARTFX+ Justice League series,

Kikakuguys (that’s our team name) saw Jim Lee at New York Comic Con!!! 


Without hesitating, we went straight for him lol

(For those who are curious, here’s the blog at the time)

Jim Lee is known as a messiah or benefactor who opened the doors to the world of American comics in Japan! It is truly impossible to describe the feeling of excitement we felt at the time (well, not me personally since I wasn’t in Kotobukiya at the time… *tear*).  

At that moment, ARTFX Yamashita (THE Kikakuguy. Also see blog above for his photo with Jim Lee lol), vowed to invite Jim Lee to Japan someday.

And lo and behold! Jim Lee came to Japan! Magic?!

Close enough. This was all possible with the help of the International Manga Festival committee who invited Jim Lee as a guest. On top of that, we were able to get the US Embassay to cooperate! 

This is great and all, but what were we going to do with THE JIM LEE at Kotobukiya?! 

Deadend Okamoto came up with the genius idea for Jim Lee to draw the concept art for our next ARTFX statue

After we planned everything out (and tried to squeeze as many seats into our 5th floor event space as possible), we had to do a raffle due to the overwhelming amount of people who signed up!!! And by overwhelming, I mean


(I know this because I translated EVERYONE’S message for Jim Lee to personally read. Yay, go me!)


Anyhow, without further ado, 

Ame-Comi Night Jim Lee Special in Kotobukiya Akihabara! 

*Ame-Comi stands for American Comics btw


No event is complete without flowers!    



Kotobukiya staffs set up this wonderful event room decorated with Jim Lee illustrated posters!

And look at all those bags! I wonder what’s inside them…DSC00353


“Because I’m Batman”                  DSC00360

Batman posing epically in front of the Justice League poster 


Annnnd, finally we see Jim Lee on stage!!!

With: Aki (translator), Dante Carver, Kouei Matsumoto (sculptor), Furanken (paint finisher)


Mr. Kousei was the one who sculpted our fantastic ARTFX Batman and Wonderwoman!  


Jim Lee gives us an amazing talk show about his inspirations and experiences

(and also about his super powers which he found out on his wedding night…)DSC_9948


And then he shows us this wonderful live drawing performance of Flash!!!DSC00431


He was then asked to change Flash’s pose so that he’s standing, because this is

going to be used for Kotobukiya’s next statue!!!DSC00445


Somewhere in between, Jim Lee gets distracted and teaches us about composition!DSC_9956


And what Joker’s skull would look like:DSC_9903


And in what seemed like a split second, Jim Lee finishes Flash! IN A FLASH! Haha, get it?

Okay I’ll see myself out now…



Oh, I forgot to mention that this was his original idea for Flash:DSC00585

I think we should turn this into a statue, don’t you?

I definitely want one. Maybe as an exclusive?ヾ(≧∀≦*)ノ


Speaking of exclusive, here’s an exclusive photo of our guests for the talk show!DSC00562

(From the left: Aki, Jim Lee, Dante Carver, Kouei Matsumoto, Furanken)


After the talk show, our staffs swiftly rearranged the room for the much anticipated autograph session! DSC00605


Every autograph session attendee was able to get one item of their choice signed by Jim Lee!

On top of that, each person gets a Batman print!!! (*≧ω≦)


 You know, just in case if you forgot to bring something to get signed…



Here’s Jim Lee waiting patiently with Wonder Woman DSC00608


Meanwhile, here are some random info about Jim Lee:

・He really likesthe Japanese gummi candies (called Pure) 

・He also really likes other Japanese snacks (Jagariko- crunchy potato sticks)

・He likes Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) (why’s it all food related?!)

・He waved and introduced his family during the talk show!

・When we were about to pay for his taxi, he just smiled and said “NO THANK YOU!” (yes, in caps)


Autograph Session:                         DSC00657



There were surprisingly a lot of female fans!

A fan came fully equipped with Batman themed kimono! SO GORGEOUS!(*´艸`*)♪


*Photo consent from fan


We set up a message writing area for fans who feel like there weren’t enough time

to talk to Jim Lee, or for those who want to leave a message for Jim Lee to take home!



Jim Lee amused by Crazy Case Batmobile Tumbler iPhone case:DSC00716



Don’t forget to check out the event videos (3 parts) on our YouTube channel!!!


PART1:Q&A by Dante Carver!


And if you want a cleaner, closer look at Jim Lee’s awesome drawing,

we have another video from a differen’t angle!



Aaaannnnnddd that just about covers the entire event!


Thank you so much, Jim Lee, and all the staffs, guests, who made this wonderful event possible! This is the first event Kikakuguys ever sponsored and we were very inexperienced to say the least. Even so, Jim Lee was super kind and gave us encouraging words. WE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS!  

We would LOVE to hear about your thoughts and ideas for future possible events! 

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Agent Leu, out!


 p.s. “Aki!”





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