2015 SDCC Kotobukiya Event: Lucky Draw!!!


Hey everyone it’s Agent Leu!

It’s JULY! What’s in July? Why of course, my birthday is in July! Wooo!!! Err, I mean…

San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner! 8 days left before the exciting summer event!

This year, Kotobukiya will be giving away TONS of prizes, and I’m here to tell you all about it!



1. Post something Kotobukiya related (preferably with amazing photos of our booth, statues, and other goods) WITH the Kotobukiya hashtag #Kotobukiya on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

2. Come to our booth any time during the day and show the staffs your post (with hashtag!) and get a numbered Lucky Draw ticket (don’t lose your ticket!!!). *First come first served, up to 50 people per day.

3. Come back to our booth during the Lucky Draw event time. It must be on the same day you received your Lucky Draw ticket!

Event Schedule:

Thursday July 9th 17:00~18:30

Friday July 10th 17:00~18:30

Saturday July 11th 17:00~18:30

Sunday July 12th 11:00~13:00

Lucky Draw:

1. Give the staff your lucky draw ticket

2. Spin the Japanese lucky draw machine

3. Claim your prize according to the color of the ball that comes out!!!


Claim your prize based on the color of the ball that rolls out of the machine!

Gold: Fine Art Statue or ARTFX Statue

Red: ARTFX+ Statue or BISHOUJO Statue

Green: Lightsaber Light-Up Chopsticks or Star Wars Pouch Sandwhich Shaper

Blue: Li’l Gotham Mini Figure (1 pack of 2 figures)

White: Something! (because we brought small prizes for everyone!)

Sounds simple right? Basically all you have to do is post something with the hashtag #Kotobukiya, get a lucky draw ticket, come to the event, spin the raffle machine, get awesome prize!

Come early to get your Lucky Draw tickets! Remember, it’s first come first served!

Remember, Kotobukiya’s Booth Number is #2601!!!

SDCC Booth Number

And don’t forget about our SDCC and Event Only Exclusives!!!

Agent Leu will be at SDCC!!! (So will ARTFX Yamashita and Shougun(^◒^)!!!)

Make sure you stop by and say hi! We can use the moral support


コトブキヤオンラインショップ お客様サポート ピックアップ